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Action Campaigns
Support our actions ! PDF Print E-mail

Together in action!

You can support our actions and show your solidarity with young workers in action worldwide.

IYCW International Team
JOC Internationale aisbl
Bank: Belfius
Iban account: BE50 0682 2908 4018

Nota: To donate online, please fill in the form at our Paypal.be.

A Book to Pay Tribute to Sergio Regazzoni PDF Print E-mail

Sergio's Commitment to International Solidarity

Our friend Sergio Regazzoni passed away at the age of 66 on July 29, 2009 in the Paris area.

Born in Tessin (Italian-speaking region of Switzerland) in 1943, he was a YCW activist there before he became a fulltimer. He participated in the International Training Session for future international leaders which was held in Chile at the end of 1968. He was asked to take on responsibility as a leader of the European YCW in 1969, and was elected to the Executive Committee for the 1970-1975 period. Finally, he was elected international treasurer in Linz from 1975 to 1977.

As a result he lived in Brussels from 1969 to 1977, working at the European secretariat, then at the international secretariat (which was in Rue Juste Lipse at the time). During that time, Sergio carried out several difficult missions, including in Vietnam and South Africa when YCW activists were in jail.

Reconstruction of the Haiti YCW PDF Print E-mail

To IYCW National Movements

To Friendly Organizations who are in solidarity with the IYCW


Solidarity greetings from the continental team of the YCW of the Americas. We hope that the development of your actions is improving the working and living conditions of the working class, in particular the young workers around the world.


As you already know, the solidarity plan that we developed in the IYCW to support the reconstruction of the Haiti YCW after the appalling earthquake that hit them is being implemented. We wish to inform you that our friend Leonel Poma joined the reconstruction team over a week ago. He and Yves Rameau, both members of the IYCW international team, are now working together there. We would like to present a report on the first stage of the plan we are carrying out.


Progress in the reconstruction of the Haiti YCW after the earthquake


Current context

campThis report has been developed based on the visit to and joint work with the Haiti YCW. In this report we are presenting the reconstruction plan as well as the steps we have already taken and will continue to take in a concrete way. Our goal is to meet, at the institutional level, the particular situations of the activists who were affected and to ensure the ongoing management of the YCW internal support in collaboration with other organizations.


There is a big apathy of the people regarding international support because it doesn’t reach the most affected directly. This is why people have started to organize themselves: they have set up their own small businesses or their temporary shelters on the rubble, and people are selling essential goods informally.


Many people have relatives who have not yet been removed from the rubble. For instance, Estelot, an activist of the Haiti YCW, has a relative in the rubble of his house and he doesn’t know when he will be able to remove him.


Many people moved to other cities fearing that the quake might come back. This means that there is a population increase in other cities and no one knows whether this will be permanent or temporary.


Most people have a feeling of guilt promoted by the Evangelist church. That church says that the earthquake took place because people committed a lot of sins and they encourage people to participate in massive masses.


After the quake, the economic system which generates alternative work is not working. Therefore, a lot of YCW activists and young workers are left completely on their own economically-speaking. The presence of the state is not much felt and this makes it more difficult to rebuild the city and to channel international support in an orderly way.

Solidarity Campaign with the Haiti YCW PDF Print E-mail

Fundraising to rebuild the movement


We are launching this campaign in support for Haiti.


Yves Rameau, a member of the international team of the IYCW, is Haitian and was in the country when the tragedy occurred. When communication was possible, he sent us the following message:


“Thank God I am still alive. At the moment I am in the Dominican Republic to see what I can do. In Haiti there is no communication, the Internet doesn’t work, the banks either. We are in a very precarious situation but I have some information I can share with you.


I am quite well but young people of the Haiti YCW, in particular in Port-au-Prince, are in a very, very difficult situation.

The YCW office collapsed with two people inside, Pierlyne who is a national fulltimer and Patrick Hugo Noel. Pierlyne was seriously injured and is now in a hospital in Les Cayes. Patrick, the treasurer and bookkeeper, is dead. Two other activists also died, as well as a former YCW member.


Most people have no house today, and are cut off from livelihood. The Haiti YCW has no more office… In Port-au-Prince, it is very difficult to find a doctor due to the number of people with injuries.”

Fighting for Social Protection for Young Workers PDF Print E-mail

The Participation of Thailand YCW in the World Day for Decent Work

arrondi.jpgOn October 7 at 9 o’clock, lots of people arrived from everywhere at King Chulalongkorn Monument. They came to celebrate a wonderful day for all workers in the world: the “World Day for Decent Work”. That day is an opportunity to join in a united mobilization for change. Each country celebrates it in their own way. Sometimes the focus is on more decent working conditions, sometimes on demands regarding rights at the workplace. In Thailand the campaign aimed to pressure the government to sign ILO conventions 87 and 98 as soon as possible. Thailand is one of the few countries which haven't signed these conventions which are related to the protection of the right to organize and the right to collective bargaining.

In Thailand we are well aware of the consequences of the government's failure to sign the conventions. The Thai labor legislation itself has some provisions that are against the principles established in the conventions, i.e. the right to organize and to collective bargaining. Workers are not able to defend their interests. For instance, state enterprise workers cannot get together with private company workers to claim their rights. Or the workers in one workplace cannot put forward demands on behalf of workers in another workplace. In practice, those workers who form a union are always dismissed on legal grounds. And in the same connection, although the law provides for welfare for all (including for subcontracted workers), the problem of low pension and poor welfare quality is a reality in those workplaces without trade unions. Employers also tend to break this law. These are consequences of not signing the conventions. It is essential that trade unions and other workers can get together and fight for the interests of all workers. For the record, only 500,000 out of 35 million workers in the country are members of a union, i.e. only 1.4 percent, which is a very low number.


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