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IC 2012
Our Analysis of the Reality of Young Workers PDF Print E-mail


1.      At a social level, a major consequence is that many people have become increasingly pessimistic about their future quality of life and standard of living. This is pointing in one direction – that of mounting frustration with the lack of jobs and decent work.


2.      There has been an increase in the number of those migrating, both within particular countries and from one country to others.


3.      Civil wars, the war on terror, and natural disasters have killed and displaced thousands of people. The issue of global warming  is threatening the existence of human beings on the earth.


4.      At the same time, we also discern some positive consequences at the social level. People in general, and young workers and youth in particular, are becoming more aware of the situations that affect their lives, and lead to a willingness to struggle and work to bring about change.


5.      Increasingly also, we hear of the topics of social protection, just and decent work, and dignity at work being discussed by groups, trade unions, workers, international institutions and governments.

Our Opinion of the Reality PDF Print E-mail

1.      The active participation of young people in the protests in Egypt, Tunisia, and other Arab countries has motivated us. However, the hidden interests by the USA and a number of European countries and their desire to exercise some control over the oil resources in these countries will probably influence the outcome of the governments in these countries.


2.      We think neo-liberalism promotes economic profit, consumerism, individualism, egoism and the dominance of the economic superpowers and multinational corporations.  It has major negative influences in the working conditions, freedom, dignity and well-being of people in these countries. It causes divisions and does not promote the empowerment of young workers.  It can discourage us from challenging unjust systems and bad working conditions.


3.      We believe that creating just work (decent jobs) must be a top priority, not only in the advanced economies, but also in many poorer countries. Without jobs and income security, there can be no sustainable growth. Therefore, what we want from our leaders is a positive response to concerns such as instability in our work, high unemployment, increase in food prices, inflation, low minimum wages, gender discrimination, etc.

Our Specific Characters as Youth Today PDF Print E-mail

Our Character as Young People Today

1.      This is an interesting subject to reflect on because it is about us. It is about what we feel today, what we look for and what we live for. Therefore, we can involve ourselves deeply in this reflection.


2.      As youth today we long for love, relationship and acceptance from our parents, friends, partners, our families and our children.


3.      We are aware of the importance of socialisation and building friendship using modern technologies and communication facilities such as mobile, i-phones, internet, face book, twitter etc.


4.      We are serious about life and want to live for some purpose and meaning.


5.      We possess strong critical skills, having increased our knowledge through study and life experiences, and being led to think, reflect and judge. We are questioning young people, who want answers for what we see happening around us. We are committed youth who want and claim honesty, truthfulness, justice and consistency. We are demanding youth who want and claim our rights at our work and in the society.


6.      At the same time, we also need fun and excitement in our lives. We enjoy music, dance, celebration and songs. We like to travel around different countries and explore different realities and cultures.

Different Visions on Social Protection PDF Print E-mail

The Vision and Orientation of the IYCW

1.      In the IYCW, we began to discuss and deepen the concept of Social Protection from 2000. During the council in 2008 we were convinced that demanding “social protection for all” is the best way to ensure social, economic and cultural development for young people across all countries.


2.      We defined the concept of social protection as follows: “For the IYCW, Social Protection is a right of young workers which contributes to a society that lives the value of solidarity. It is ensured through programs, policies and laws that guarantee stable and just work, economic security, health, the right to education, as well as equality and freedom for a life in dignity. This security permits young workers to realize their full capacity and to make their contribution to society”.


The vision and orientation of ILO

3.      The ILO has set out three main objectives reflecting the three major dimensions of social protection: (1) Extending the coverage and effectiveness of social security schemes, (2) Promoting labour protection, which comprises decent conditions of work, including wages, working time and occupational safety and health, essential components of decent work and (3) Working through dedicated programmes and activities to protect such vulnerable groups as migrant workers and their families; and workers in the informal economy.

Demands from our Actions to Achieve Social Protection PDF Print E-mail

In the IYCW, we have developed actions at both national and international levels with the following demands presented to national governments and International Institutions in order to achieve Social Protection:

1.      To ensure employment security through government polices

2.      To enforce a statutory minimum wage that will enable workers to meet basic needs

3.      To give workers the right to organize as trade unions, associations and organizations to represent workers’ rights

4.      To provide protection for workers against unfair dismissals, occupational health and safety improvements by limiting working hours, ensuring a safe environment, enforcing regulations on night work, etc.

5.      To assist with social security schemes that provide security during illness, injury and life threatening events

6.      To allocate sufficient resources for social protection in the annual budget of countries

7.      To provide for the equal treatment of men and women in wages, access to social protection, employment advancement, training and access to resources

8.      To enforce policies and laws that promote gender equality and protection against all forms of violence, abuse and harassment

9.      To provide training programs for workers through vocational training centres

10.  To provide access to financial resources for work activities


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