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Press Releases
The International YCW is grieving the loss of Marie-Paule PDF Print E-mail

The International YCW has lost a former YCW member, Marie-Paule Crockaert, who died yesterday at the age of 69.


Marie-Paule had been working for years as a volunteer in the archives of the IYCW International Secretariat, and her contribution was essential to preserve the history of our young workers’ movement.


The International YCW expresses its deepest sympathy to her family and her many friends.





Thank you for your strong commitment to our movement. You have walked with us for years. Today you are gone but you have left in our hearts the most beautiful part of you, your joy, your cheerfulness, your energy, your sense of solidarity.


Marie-Paule, today, tomorrow and forever!

Demonstration against Police Violence to be held in Brussels on March 15th, 2018 PDF Print E-mail


On the occasion of the Day against Police Violence, "Stop-Repression" campaigners are organising a demonstration against State repression. This gathering is organised by JOC, MRAX, Coordination of Undocumented migrants in Belgium, ESG, Bruxelles Panthères and the Parents' Committee against Police Violence in Molenbeek. It has also received the support of several associations like CWM, IYCW, CNAPDCADTM, EcoloJ, Jeunes CSC ,... This campaign has been organized for 7 years now on each March 15th. In 2017 there were about 800 demonstrators marching in the streets of Brussels.

International Women's Day 2018: IYCW Women Activists Speak Out Against Discrimination PDF Print E-mail

Exploiting people is a crime,

but exploiting women is worse: it destroys harmony”

Pope Francis I



Leave no young women workers behind: End gender-based discrimination at work and in the society! End all forms of violence! PDF Print E-mail


Today, November 25, as we commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we the International Young Christian Workers raise our voices to denounce the widespread violence and discrimination that young women workers experience every day at work and in the society. One of them is Mary, 28 years old, from Nicaragua.

I am working in a free trade zone for Hansae Nicaragua SA, a garment factory. I have worked there for one year as a machine operator.

In our country, gender-based violence is a problem we face every single day at home, in the way they educate us to assume household tasks because we are women, e.g. cooking, washing, housecleaning, taking care of kids… When I leave my home and go to work, I am faced with sexual harassment in the street every day. The society downplays this practice as something harmless, but in my opinion, it is also gender violence and I really feel harassed as I walk among the people.

Migrants’ Rights are Human Rights, No Matter When or Where PDF Print E-mail


The forum of the Pacific Island Civil Society Consultation on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is a response by civil society stakeholders strongly endorsing dignity for safe, orderly and regular migration into and from the Pacific Region. The said regional consultation was organized in Fiji from November 2 to 3, 2017, by leading civil society organizations such as the Migrant Forum in Asia, Justice and Peace, Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Center and others. The Asia Pacific International Young Christian Workers movement was represented by Nanang Ibrahim. 


Young Christian Workers in Egypt redefined Their Future Life and Work PDF Print E-mail

by Basma Mikhail

Fourteen young workers and leaders of YCW Egypt gathered in Alexandria from August 31 to September 2, 2017 to live together and discuss their future. There were 10 young men from el Khranfish base group working in different sectors such as tuk-tuk drivers, gold makers, shop workers, and factory workers, three young women from El Sagood base group who work in the service sector as teachers and nurse in a private institution, and one person from El Osairin base group who is a student. They have been supported by former YCWers and collaborators.


James, our YCW brother yesterday, today and forever PDF Print E-mail

It is with great sadness that the International YCW announces the passing of our brother, friend and comrade in arms, James Denteh.


James, a member of the YCW Ghana national movement, outgoing member of the IYCW International Team who assumed responsibility in the African continent over the 2012-2016 period, contributed to the dreams of many working-class youths around the world through his experience as an activist, and he leaves his footsteps and thoughts so that we can continue our struggle for a world with more dignity and more justice.


James, you are not gone; you are here in our lives and in the heart of each YCW member.

James, you are not gone; your ideas, your thoughts and your dreams are with us in our day-to-day struggles.

James, our YCW brother yesterday, today and forever.


Click here to see photos of James

ILC 2017: IYCW & WSM Joint Statement on Labour Migration PDF Print E-mail

As it does every year, the IYCW attended the 106th session of International Labour Conference held in Geneva in June 2017. Below is the IYCW-WSM joint statement on labour migration, read by Antonio Zela, a YCW activist from Paraguay and continental coordinator.


“I thank you on behalf of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) and World Solidarity (WSM) for giving me the opportunity to make a joint statement to this Committee. We would also like to thank the Office for the report prepared for this general discussion.


I propose to start with a testimony of an IYCW member, which illustrates the difficulties faced by labour migrants:


May Day Celebration in Laeken: Cardijn is still relevant today PDF Print E-mail

Each year since 1977, from 24th April to 1st May, the IYCW has been organizing a series of actions and activities during the International Week of the Young Workers which ends with the traditional May Day celebration. The year 2017 could not be different. All over the world, young workers and YCW leaders carried out actions against job precariousness and instability, against all sorts of inequalities they may face in their daily life. They exposed the social, political, economic and cultural problems which keep affecting the working and living conditions of millions of young women and men throughout the world.


This year in Brussels, to close the International Week of the Young Workers, the IYCW took an active part in the May Day celebration in Laeken, remembering the 50th anniversary of Joseph Cardijn’s death and proclaiming enthusiastically that “Yes, Cardijn is still relevant today”.


International Domestic Workers’ Day: A Testimony from Pakistan PDF Print E-mail

I am Fatima Hussain from Pakistan. I am 24 years old. I live in Lahore. I applied for many jobs in different factories but in vain. In our society, it doesn’t look good for a girl to have a job, people don’t like women workers.


I ended up deciding to work as a domestic worker because it is easier to get a job in this sector. But domestic workers are not paid well. They are paid PKR 1,500 per home (US$ 15). I was very disappointed by the low pay and the volume of extra work. I had to fulfill tasks that were not related to my job.


One day I met the YCW – that was a very beautiful day. In a meeting, I shared my experience as a domestic worker and the extra work.


PANAF: Taking part in the Development of South-South Regional Cooperation PDF Print E-mail

Joining Efforts to Transform Working Conditions in Africa


An interreligious conference was held in Uganda from April 25-28, 2017 to deliberate on working conditions in relation to the ILO future of work initiative and the sustainable development goals. It was co-organized by the Justice and Peace Department of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, Kolping International and the International Labor Organization, with the participation of around 65 people from various countries of Africa. Doriabelle Yongala, representative of the International Young Christian Workers Panafrican Team (Panaf), presented the reality of young workers in Gabon and shared the continental analysis on the growing unemployment rate, informalization and the increasing life and work precariousness facing young people.



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