IYCW Newsfeeds http://www.joci.org/ Tue, 21 Feb 2017 02:39:14 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.0-dev (info@mypapit.net) The challenge of the digital revolution http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/205-the-challenge-of-the-digital-revolution.html The IYCW at the 2016 International Conference of NGOs


altThe 2016 International Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in partnership with the Unesco was held from 12 to 14 December in Paris. The conference focused on the theme “The challenge of the digital revolution for NGOs” and was organized around four subthemes: “The digital revolution and its impact on the diversity of cultural expressions”; “The challenge of access to digital information”; “Does e-learning address challenges of education systems worldwide?”; and, “Science and the digital revolution: which ethical implications?” The International YCW took an active part in it and made its contribution to the debate.


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The World of Work in Asia and Pacific http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/204-the-world-of-work-in-asia-and-pacific.html by Andy N. Predicala


The Asia and Pacific region includes 47 countries that account for about 61 percent of the total world population. Data suggest that in 2016, more than 4.5 billion inhabitants out 7.4 billion worldwide belonged to that region. Asia-Pacific is home to diversified cultures and traditions.



According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) during its 16th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting held in Bali, Indonesia, Asia-Pacific also provides more than 60 percent of the labor force worldwide. Over the past years, it has experienced a significant decline in poverty rates, a growth of modern industries and has a more educated labor force. However, employment which is a key factor in helping people move out of poverty remains stubbornly low. The sustained economic growth and dynamism does not translate into social progress and only benefits the few.


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Young People of Flanders Speak Up and Are Ready to Act! http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/203-young-people-of-flanders-speak-up-and-are-ready-to-act.html alt


The National Congress of KAJ Flanders that took place last November 14-15, 2016 at the Generation Europe youth hostel was a great success. It was attended by around 35 young people coming from different regions of Flanders. The two-day congress was fun, filled with dynamic activities and debates on the reality young people and the movement are facing today.


The National Congress worked on four different themes: (1) strengthening the base groups and actions of the different regions; (2) equal opprtunities for everybody; (3) respect for life and solidarity among people; (4) decent life at work and school. These four themes are the main campaign of KAJ Flanders for the coming four years (2017-2020).


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The International Council and its Relevance to the Future of the World of Work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/202-the-international-council-and-its-relevance-to-the-future-of-the-world-of-work.html by Andy Predicala



The International Council of the International Young Christian Workers was a timely event organized by its activists every 4 years to identify where the movement is today, and how it will go forward. Our fast-evolving world has generated closer interaction among people but it has created different situations in every country and continent. These developments have had consequences and impact in the world of work, affecting thousands of workers, and young workers in particular.


Click here to see photos of the Council.


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International Colloquy and Public Opening of the XIVth International Council http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/201-coloquio-internacional-de-responsables-antiguos-y-actuales-de-la-joci.html  


On the occasion of the XIV International Council of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), current and former leaders of the YCW movement gathered in Herzogenrath, near Aachen, Germany, from 24th till 26th September for the IYCW International Colloquy, aimed at developing cooperation between the various generations of YCW leaders.


Click here to see photos of the Colloquy and of the opening of the Council.


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Catholic-Inspired Organizations Working Together for Decent Work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/200-catholic-inspired-organizations-working-together-for-decent-work.html IYCW Statement at Seminar Co-Sponsored by the Holy See and the ILO


Representatives of Catholic-inspired organizations and religious congregations gathered in Rome on 29-30 April 2016, together with officials of the Holy See and of the International Labour Organization, with one aim: to make “decent work for all” an explicit goal of the post-2015 sustainable development goals.


On this occasion, Luis Vargas, a YCW Venezuela activist, made a statement on the reality of young workers in the Americas. Young people are faced with a wide range of problems such as precarious work, informal work, little access to education and training, unemployment, discrimination, unfair dismissals, machismo, and sexual harassment.


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Act for dignity and the future of work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/199-act-for-dignity-and-the-future-of-work.html International Week of Young Workers and May Day 2016


altThe International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) salutes all Young Workers in their struggle for dignity in this current most challenging time. The International Week of Young Workers (IWYW) is a week that the IYCW initiated in 1984, dedicated to the life and work of young workers.


This important week promotes the actions of young workers aimed at changing their working conditions, the society in which they live, and their personal lives towards the new society that we are dreaming of.


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International Women’s Day 2016: Reclaiming the Dignity of Young Women http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/198-international-womens-day-2016-reclaiming-the-dignity-of-young-women.html Joint Press Release of IYCW and MIJARC


altSince the creation of the human being, women are equal to men in all aspects of life in administrating this planet. As time went passing by, women have been stripped of their dignity and experienced terrible violence and slavery at home, at their work place and in society.


The current society, with its way of life and culture, has produced more inequality, forcing women to live in a more vulnerable situation globally. The United Nations as a collective political power has failed and seems to continue failing to bring change and transformation towards equality, as the effort that has been made is not really addressing the main problem but is just a mere political veneer.


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YCW Germany: Celebrating the Feast of Saint Precarious on February 29 http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/197-ycw-germany-celebrating-the-feast-of-saint-precarious-on-february-29.html altWho is Saint Precarious?


Saint Precarious is a fictional saint although an iconic image was created to recall Catholic saints believed to protect the faithful. The “saint” made his first appearance in October 2004 in Italy during protests against multinational chains and corporations. It is dedicated to spread awareness on casual independent employment contracts, the so-called “Precarious Work”.


February 29 as the feast day


Unlike many other dates, “February 29” only comes every 4 years in our Gregorian calendar. Because of its precarity, it was chosen as the feast day of Saint Precarious.


Thu, 25 Feb 2016 14:16:24 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/197-ycw-germany-celebrating-the-feast-of-saint-precarious-on-february-29.html
IYCW ASPAC: “We are Young, We are Workers, Fighting for Dignity!” http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/196-iycw-aspac-we-are-young-we-are-workers-fighting-for-dignity.html Continental Action Meeting in Hong Kong


altHong Kong, IYCW ASPAC – “We are Young, We are Workers, Fighting for Dignity!” This was the slogan chosen by the International Young Christian Workers of Asia Pacific (IYCW ASPAC) for their Continental Action Meeting (CAM) held in Caritas Center, Hong Kong last October 19-23, 2015. YCW Australia, YCW Japan, YCW Indonesia, YCW India, YCW Philippines and YCW China attended the meeting.


The meeting focused on the current issues faced by young workers in the Asia and Pacific region such as social protection deficit, low wages, migration and the rise of informal economy.


Wed, 27 Jan 2016 14:09:43 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/196-iycw-aspac-we-are-young-we-are-workers-fighting-for-dignity.html
Father Reginaldo Andrietta, Former Chaplain of the International YCW, Was Appointed Bishop by ... http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/195-father-reginaldo-andrietta-former-chaplain-of-the-international-ycw-was-appointed-bishop-by-pope-francis.html A Recognition of his Commitment with the Working Youth

altPope Francis named José Reginaldo Andrietta bishop of Jales, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His appointment as bishop was announced on Wednesday 21st October and he was ordained bishop on Sunday 27th December in the Basilica of St Anthony of Padua in the city of Americana, Brazil.


Reginaldo Andrietta was born in Pirassununga (Sao Paulo) in 1957 and ordained a priest in 1983. He has known the YCW since his time at the seminary and has dedicated his life to young workers ever since. He was chaplain of the Brazil YCW in the 1980s, of the Americas YCW from 1991 to 1995, and of the International YCW from 2000 to 2006.


Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:36:59 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/195-father-reginaldo-andrietta-former-chaplain-of-the-international-ycw-was-appointed-bishop-by-pope-francis.html
7 October 2015 - World Day for Decent Work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/194-7-october-2015-world-day-for-decent-work.html

YCWAct4Dignity! - From Decent Work to Work with Dignity


Dear Friends,


The IYCW, for more than a century, has been fighting to create a new society with, by and for young workers in different sectors in the world of work.


What we dream of is not a decent society but far more than that – a society that lives in dignity and full respect for humankind and Nature everywhere. Therefore, logically, the kind of work that we want is a transformation of the concept, from “decent” work to “dignified” work. Transformation requires reorganizing work. On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day for Decent Work, the IYCW encourages all national and continental movements to take serious, progressive and necessary steps to guarantee that transformation happens within activists, within the movement and finally in all corners of society.


Thu, 08 Oct 2015 10:07:52 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/194-7-october-2015-world-day-for-decent-work.html
Joint Statement On The Occasion Of Rome’s Conference on People and Planet First - The ... http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/193-joint-statement-on-the-occasion-of-romes-conference-on-people-and-planet-first-the-imperative-to-change-course.html The movements’ response on the “Laudato Si” of Pope Francis


We, the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), the International Movement for Catholic and Agricultural Rural Youth (MIJARC), the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (CIJOC), the International Federation of Adult Rural Catholic Movements (FIMARC), and the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS-PAX ROMANA) laud Pope Francis’s initiative and commitment to voice out the reality and sufferings of millions of people around the world linked to the imbalance and unfair distribution of wealth and misuse/overuse of the earth’s resources. It reflects that the current economic crisis is intertwined with the environmental crisis.


Tue, 15 Sep 2015 13:59:07 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/193-joint-statement-on-the-occasion-of-romes-conference-on-people-and-planet-first-the-imperative-to-change-course.html
Launching of the XIV International Council of IYCW http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/192-launching-of-the-xiv-international-council-of-iycw.html It is with a great pleasure and motivation that we hereby launch the process toward our XIV International council that will take place from 25th September to 9th October 2016 in Aachen, Germany. The theme of the international council is Just Work – A Fundamental Option for Dignity for All and the slogan will be Let’s Struggle for Young Workers’ Dignity.

The International Council of the IYCW is the supreme governing body of the movement and enjoys full sovereignty and powers. It is the body wherein the situation of working-class youth is shared, co-ordinated, clarified and solved. As a supreme governing body, the International Council shall accomplish its task of implementing the See, Judge and Act method to evaluate the actions that are carried out by, with and among the young workers at all levels of the movement according to the guidelines provided by the International Plan of Action.


Wed, 26 Aug 2015 13:25:44 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/192-launching-of-the-xiv-international-council-of-iycw.html
Anna from Ukraine, YCW delegate to the International Labour Conference 2015 http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/191-anna-from-ukraine-ycw-delegate-to-the-international-labour-conference-2015.html “Personal Thoughts on My Participation”

altAnna, a YCW extension worker from Ukraine, was part of the IYCW delegation to the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva this June. She has shared her thoughts on her participation in this major international event.



I had mixed feelings during the conference. Seeing all those situations of working people around the world was impressive for me... I got a week of preparation beforehand, but a personal experience is necessary to understand what the ILO Conference is about and how it works. Complicated.


Thu, 25 Jun 2015 13:26:15 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/191-anna-from-ukraine-ycw-delegate-to-the-international-labour-conference-2015.html
The YCW at the International Labour Conference 2015 http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/190-the-ycw-at-the-international-labour-conference-2015.html Proposing an ILO Declaration on Universal Labour Protection

altGeneva, June 2015 – A delegation of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), which consisted of representatives from Africa, Europe, the Americas and the International Secretariat, participated in the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva from 1-13 June, 2015.


This year, the ILC has discussed three main topics, namely the transition from the informal to the formal economy, SMEs and decent and sustainable employment, and the labour protection policy, which includes wages, maternity policy, working hours and occupational health and safety.


Mon, 15 Jun 2015 13:37:15 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/190-the-ycw-at-the-international-labour-conference-2015.html
40 Years After the Linz Council http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/189-40-years-after-the-linz-council.html By Andy N. Predicala

alt1975 marked a significant milestone in the history of the world, but also in the history of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW). 40 years later, leaders and members of YCW Austria during the 1970s and 1980s gathered together to look back at the past, analyze the present and take action for the future, not for themselves but for the generation of today’s young workers.


More than 50 former YCWers from different parts of Austria attended the gathering in Linz last April 25, 2015. A reception had been organized to recall memories of the past, share the experiences they had in the YCW and explain where they are now. It was followed by an input by Gerard Steger, the resource speaker coming from Austria’s Federation of Trade Unions.


Thu, 11 Jun 2015 09:00:25 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/189-40-years-after-the-linz-council.html
International Labour Conference 2015: Young Workers Demanding Decent Work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/188-international-labour-conference-2015-young-workers-demanding-decent-work.html The IYCW and WSM Together at the ILO

alt“We need to walk nearly 10 kilometres to reach the pond where we extract the salt, and we earn 60 gourdes ($1.5) per week. With that money, we can contribute a little to the family expenses and we have little money left. We are saving money to buy mules to carry the salt bags over those 10 kilometres, but we earn very little. There aren’t many job opportunities in the formal economy in Haiti, we have to work hard and make use of the low income we can get with our base group.” A YCW activist, Jean Rabel, Haiti


Young workers’ problems have an international dimension as there are a reality everywhere in neighbourhoods, communities, factories, streets, and all places where young workers are. Addressing those situations is a real challenge for our movement.


Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:01:28 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/188-international-labour-conference-2015-young-workers-demanding-decent-work.html
Remembering Romeo Maione http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/187-remembering-romeo-maione.html The First Elected President of the International YCW has Died


altRomeo Maione, first elected president of the International YCW, has died after a long illness on 12 May 2015 at the age of 90.


As a Montreal industrial worker, Romeo first joined a YCW group organised by Fr Wilfred Dore CSB. This decision transformed his life.


Rapidly he became a national leader and national president of the Canadian YCW.


Given his ability and his command of the Italian language, the IYCW recruited him in 1956 to organise the International Pilgrimage to Rome which drew 32,000 young workers from every inhabited continent, an extraordinary achievement in those days before jet travel.

Mon, 18 May 2015 12:44:34 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/187-remembering-romeo-maione.html
For a Transformative Action by Young Workers in the Americas http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/186-for-a-transformative-action-by-young-workers-in-the-americas.html A Message from YCW Peru

altLima hosted the Continental Team Meeting (CTM) of the Americas YCW from 9 to 22 April of this year. The program began with a visit to the Communities of Chiclayo, Ishichihui and Lima, where participants shared the reality of young workers and the actions carried out to transform the situations of oppression and exclusion into situations of justice and decent life.


During the meeting, the continental team could count on the presence of the International YCW President, Mardiyono Ludovicus, who helped with the political preparation of the continental meeting due to take place next September.


Thu, 30 Apr 2015 13:24:09 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/186-for-a-transformative-action-by-young-workers-in-the-americas.html
From Capitalism to a New Paradigm http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/185-from-capitalism-to-a-new-paradigm.html Contributing to the common good of humanity


altThe world today is no longer sustainable. What is happening now is not a financial crisis with economic consequences; it is not a job crisis resulting in huge unemployment. It goes beyond that, it is a crisis of the system.


What we can do now?


We should be brave enough to take steps in order to change the system. We should transform this world into a new paradigm, a paradigm of life against a paradigm of death. The logic of the current system (capitalism) is not to provide solutions to the problems but to maintain itself and save itself by sacrificing billions of human beings as well as nature.


Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:29:36 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/185-from-capitalism-to-a-new-paradigm.html
International Week of Young Workers 2015: No Worker Without Just Work! http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/184-international-week-of-young-workers-2015-no-worker-without-just-work.html Standing Up Against Exploitation, Oppression and Exclusion

altFrom 24th – 30 April 2015, the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) will celebrate the International Week of Young Workers (IWYW) under the theme: “No Worker without Just Work”. In doing so, the IYCW wants to emphasize the struggles of young workers against the oppression they face in their day-to-day life, which is rooted in the class system that has always utilized it as a way to maintain the domination of the wealthiest and most powerful 1% of the population over the remaining 99%.


This week emerged out of the struggles of the working class youth who organized themselves as an independent force in order to be trained to stand up against all forms of exploitation, oppression and exclusion.


Thu, 23 Apr 2015 08:48:00 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/184-international-week-of-young-workers-2015-no-worker-without-just-work.html
Struggling for Just Work, Promoting Women’s Leadership! http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/183-struggling-for-just-work-promoting-womens-leadership.html The IYCW celebrates the International Women’s Day


altTo mark the International Women’s Day 2015, the International Young Christian Workers is highlighting the day-to-day living and working experiences of young women workers.


From our contacts with young women workers on a regular basis in our base groups, we have the first-hand experience of their situations, we know that women face great inequality related to gender aspects in their families, society, factories, offices, trade unions, and even churches. Women do not have the same rights as men when it comes to making decisions. In terms of salaries, women are paid less than men in many instances.


Thu, 05 Mar 2015 10:03:28 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/183-struggling-for-just-work-promoting-womens-leadership.html
Better Together http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/182-better-together.html A Meeting of International Catholic Organizations in Brussels


altThe group of 10 International Catholic Organizations, mostly movements inspired by Cardinal Cardijn, met last February 14, 2015 at the IYCW International Secretariat in Brussels to strengthen their network.


The meeting was attended by the International Catholic Movement for the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (Pax Romana-MIIC), the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), the International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements (FIMARC), the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (MIJARC), the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (CIJOC), the International Movement of the Apostolate for Children (MIDADE), and the International Movement of Apostolate in the Independent Social Milieus (MIAMSI).


Thu, 19 Feb 2015 14:17:24 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/182-better-together.html
UN: Open Working Group Proposal for Sustainable Development Goals http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/181-un-open-working-group-proposal-for-sustainable-development-goals.html IYCW focus on goals 4, 5 and 8


altSession after session, the 30-member Open Working Group (OWG) of the UN General Assembly has defined Sustainable Development Goals that are accompanied by targets and will be further elaborated through indicators focused on measurable outcomes. They are action-oriented, global in nature and universally applicable. They take into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development and respect national policies and priorities.


They build on the foundation laid by the MDGs, seek to complete the unfinished business of the MDGs, and respond to new challenges. These goals constitute an integrated, indivisible set of global priorities for sustainable development.


Mon, 26 Jan 2015 08:56:25 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/181-un-open-working-group-proposal-for-sustainable-development-goals.html
Meiry: The YCW transformed me into an activist! http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/180-meiry-the-ycw-transformed-me-into-an-activist.html A testimony from Guatemala

altMeiry de León is 26 years old. She works as a teacher at the Cumbre del Guayabo primary school, Chinautla, Guatemala. She has been working for four years under contract agreement. Her temporary contract can be renewed or cut depending on her appraisal results. This means that she cannot gain and retain seniority over the years and the benefits she gets remain the same.


Meiry reported that her school encounters quite serious problems with respect to salaries. Besides being too low, they are always paid late. In many cases, she and all other teachers receive their salaries with a three-month delay, or even longer. As far as infrastructure is concerned, her school is far from being a decent school since they do not have the necessary tools in the classroom, e.g. blackboard, chairs, books and desks.


Thu, 04 Dec 2014 14:44:55 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/180-meiry-the-ycw-transformed-me-into-an-activist.html
Our Bread and Roses Commitment By, For and With the Young Workers http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/179-our-bread-and-roses-commitment-by-for-and-with-the-young-workers.html A message from the CAJ National Council


altAs the National Council of CAJ (German YCW) officially opened on Friday night of November 7, 2014 at Kolping-Biddunghaus-Salzbergen, we were all the more motivated as we heard the song “Bread and Roses”, which rhymes as follows…


"As we go marching, marching, in the beauty of the day

A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray

Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses

For the people hear us singing, bread and roses, bread and roses."

Mon, 01 Dec 2014 14:43:26 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/179-our-bread-and-roses-commitment-by-for-and-with-the-young-workers.html
Young People of Flanders Speak Up! http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/178-young-people-of-flanders-speak-up.html The KAJ Launches a Symbolic Action in front of the Court of Justice

altThe KAJ-Flanders launched a symbolic action last November 22, 2014 in front of the Court of Justice in Brussels. It was attended by more than 100 young people who spoke up about the situation of the young people whose parents are divorced and live between two homes.


Figures show that Belgium has climbed into the top 3 nations of the European Union in terms of number of divorces and at least 1 out of 3 marriages in the Flemish region ends up in a divorce. In 2013 alone, 35,000 children and young people were faced with their parents’ separation. However, the number of children whose unmarried parents dissolved their partnership contract is unknown.


Thu, 27 Nov 2014 14:01:58 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/178-young-people-of-flanders-speak-up.html
16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/177-16-days-of-action-against-gender-violence.html 25 November - 10 December


The International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) is commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women today, 25th November 2014, and encourages all YCW national movements worldwide to initiate and take part in actions to end violence against women.


The action commences each year on 25th November and concludes on 10th December - International Human Rights Day.


During these 16 days of action against gender violence, the IYCW encourages all national movements around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women.


Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:56:11 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/177-16-days-of-action-against-gender-violence.html
“No Worker Without Rights; No Peasant Without Land; and No Family Without a Home” http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/176-no-worker-without-rights-no-peasant-without-land-and-no-family-without-a-home-.html Pope Francis Joins The Call of the Silenced, Marginalized and Secluded


altThe World Meeting of Popular Movements in which the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) actively participated was held in Vatican City from October 27-29, 2014 with more than 100 popular movements and organizations. Andy Predicala represented the IYCW in the event.


During the plenary session, the IYCW emphasized the precarious situation of workers, especially young people. There is widespread underemployment and lack of job opportunities. The high rate of youth unemployment and the strong tendency to find work in the informal economy without any protection of labor rights or access to social protection are becoming threats. Even those with a job often suffer from work insecurity, resulting from underemployment or casual and vulnerable employment. Forecasts raise concerns that if this crisis continues, more than 215 million may be unemployed and jobseekers by 2018.


Mon, 10 Nov 2014 14:22:07 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/176-no-worker-without-rights-no-peasant-without-land-and-no-family-without-a-home-.html
Interviews: Young Workers from Around the World Speak about Capitalism, the World of Work, and ... http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/175-interviews-young-workers-from-around-the-world-speak-about-capitalism-the-world-of-work-and-the-action-of-the-movement.html The IYCW seminar held in Belgium last September was an opportunity to interview young workers from each continent. Antoine from Belgium, Doriabelle from Gabon, Meiver from Venezuela, and Nanang from Indonesia shared their views about the world of work and the action of the movement.


altNanang, Indonesia YCW


What are the main challenges for the movement in your continent regarding capitalism?


In our continent, it is a big challenge to organize the workers in the factories; they work long hours and that is why they have no time to join our meetings. There is also a lack of awareness: workers do not know what their rights are. Other challenges include individualism and consumerism: in factories employers (capitalists) create competition among workers.


Tue, 07 Oct 2014 10:18:50 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/175-interviews-young-workers-from-around-the-world-speak-about-capitalism-the-world-of-work-and-the-action-of-the-movement.html
IYCW International Seminar: We Are Those Millions of Young People Who Work in Precarious Conditions http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/174-iycw-international-seminar-we-are-those-millions-of-young-people-who-work-in-precarious-conditions.html Preparing Ourselves to Renew Society


altDear fellow young workers of the world, greetings from the seminar of the International YCW in Assesse, Belgium. We are in solidarity with your daily struggle for dignity in our hearts and minds. You have delegated leaders from your national movements from countries as diverse as Australia, Brazil, Flanders, Gabon, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Peru, Quebec, Venezuela and Wallonia. Honoured with your faith we would like to share with you a little of our work. Work carried out to prepare ourselves to renew society.


Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:07:17 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/174-iycw-international-seminar-we-are-those-millions-of-young-people-who-work-in-precarious-conditions.html
Decent Work and Youth Employment: “Challenges, Strategies and Perspectives!” http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/173-decent-work-and-youth-employment-challenges-strategies-and-perspectives.html Invitation to a Panel Discussion on September 19 in Brussels

The International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) wishes to invite you to join us for a panel discussion: “Decent Work and Youth Employment: “Challenges, Strategies and Perspectives!”


Arlindo de Oliveira and Jan Dereymaeker, two worker activists committed in the struggle for decent work and youth employment will moderate the panel discussion.


Mgr. Jean-Pierre Delville, Bishop of Liege, will be with us to present his view at the opening session on decent work and youth employment. Maria Tsirantonaki, from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), will share her expertise on trade unions and their struggle on youth employment. From the IYCW, Isak Krampona, general secretary, will describe the work of the movement on decent work and dignified life for young workers.


Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:01:17 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/173-decent-work-and-youth-employment-challenges-strategies-and-perspectives.html
World Football Cup: When a Belgian Trade Union Discovers Brazil Through the Eyes of the Brazil YCW http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/172-world-football-cup-when-a-belgian-trade-union-discovers-brazil-through-the-eyes-of-the-brazil-ycw.html ‘Never Let the Workers Down’

By Guilherme Junior


altTo perceive similarities and potential in the struggle for dignified work was one of the objectives of the exchange between the Brazilian YCW and the Belgian trade union CSC Alimentation & Services, conducted on June 24, 2014. The action was carried out with six members of the Belgian organization who were in Brazil for the FIFA World Football Cup, plus four young workers from São Paulo, and two other young workers of other regions. The group was also given the opportunity to get to know one of the ongoing projects developed by young people linked to the YCW, The Youth Radio, based in São Vicente, a city located 70 km away from São Paulo.


Thu, 28 Aug 2014 13:27:18 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/172-world-football-cup-when-a-belgian-trade-union-discovers-brazil-through-the-eyes-of-the-brazil-ycw.html
57th Anniversary of the IYCW: “Go forward!” http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/171-57th-anniversary-of-the-iycw-go-forward.html “The Working Youth of the World Await You”


57 years ago today, at the closing of the World Council, Joseph Cardijn made the following speech about young workers; it remains alive now and will never be outdated.


“We have seen the YCW transfigured - its apotheosis. This is not the true YCW. We could say like the apostles on Tabor: “Let us build three tabernacles.” No, we must leave here, go down from Tabor, go out from the Cenacle to the masses that suffer, who have not the means of human livelihood, who cannot read or write, who know not their human dignity nor their Christian destiny. That is the only true YCW. It begins today.”


“We believe in the possibility of saving the last of the young workers and working girls, whatever their color or race, civilization or continent. They are the sons of God and we must save them,” Cardijn said.


Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:50:11 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/171-57th-anniversary-of-the-iycw-go-forward.html
ASPAC YCW: A Meeting and Visit to Update the Analysis of the Situation in Asia Pacific http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/170-aspac-ycw-a-meeting-and-visit-to-update-the-analysis-of-the-situation-in-asia-pacific.html “Never Stop Believing that You Are Actors of Change”


altHong Kong – The ASPAC team gathered together seven leaders in St. Stephen's Church, Kwai Fong, for a Regional Team Meeting from 14th to 18th July 2014, followed by a one-week visit which included ROLWA, a China YCW meeting, a YCW Hong Kong meeting, as well as a meeting with Cardinal John Tong, Bishop of the Hong Kong Diocese.


One aim of the Regional Team Meeting was to strengthen friendship and comradeship among the new and old team members – in addition to updating the analysis of the national movements’ reality in Asia Pacific and confronting it with the global analysis/situation, as well as measuring the work the movements carried out over the past 4 years.


Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:09:59 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/170-aspac-ycw-a-meeting-and-visit-to-update-the-analysis-of-the-situation-in-asia-pacific.html
Fair Migration: IYCW Speech at the International Labour Conference 2014 http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/169-fair-migration-iycw-speech-at-the-international-labour-conference-2014.html “No integral development can be made without respecting workers’ rights”


Mr President,

Delegates of the Governments, Employers and Workers,

Colleagues of the international organisations,


We cannot build a world with decent work while ignoring young workers’ participation. No integral development can be made without respecting workers’ rights. Therefore, each of us in this conference should strategically bring young workers on board developing a road map towards decent work for all.


We need fair migration and not forced migration! The Director-General of the ILO has through his report on fair migration opened the door to debate and reflection for collective wisdom moving towards the fair migration that we dream of.  It is an essential task of the ILO members and the international organisations to bring forward the commitment to make migration fair and dignified for all.


Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:10:15 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/169-fair-migration-iycw-speech-at-the-international-labour-conference-2014.html
103rd International Labour Conference: IYCW and WSM Joint Statements Demanding Decent Work http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/168-103rd-international-labour-conference-iycw-and-wsm-joint-statements-demanding-decent-work.html The IYCW Calls For the Elimination of Forced Labour and the Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy


altThe IYCW is participating in the 103rd International Labour Conference, a tripartite meeting bringing together governments, trade unions and employers, currently held in Geneva, Switzerland from May 28 to June 12. The IYCW and WSM always participate in the ILC actively and efficiently, with relevant statements and helpful suggestions to the committees.


The IYCW is promoting representative action within the ILO with the presence of its activists from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It should be noted that in the framework of the issues dealt with by the ILO, the IYCW objective for this 103rd ILC is to: give visibility to the concrete actions we are developing as IYCW and contribute to the building of international policies in favour of the working class throughout the world. Our participation is focused on two committees: Forced Labour and Transitioning from the Informal to the Formal Economy.


Mon, 02 Jun 2014 12:53:44 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/168-103rd-international-labour-conference-iycw-and-wsm-joint-statements-demanding-decent-work.html
May Day Celebration by the Philippines YCW: From Unemployment to Just Work http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/167-may-day-celebration-by-the-philippines-ycw-from-unemployment-to-just-work.html A Campaign for Regular Work and Quality Education

altFrom April 26 to May 1, the Philippines YCW celebrated the International Week of Young Workers and commemorated struggle, solidarity and success. It held a series of training and awareness programs, discussing pressing issues of today, conducting home visitations to young workers and their families, and marching with different trade unions, Church people and sector organizations on May Day.


On May Day, the Philippines YCW highlighted its demand for a 125-peso wage increase nationwide for workers in all sectors. This is in line with the global campaign of the IYCW on Just Work and Social Protection and with the Asia-Pacific YCW motion for a Decent Living Income, Decent Work and Decent Life.


Tue, 20 May 2014 09:00:18 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/167-may-day-celebration-by-the-philippines-ycw-from-unemployment-to-just-work.html
The IYCW in Rome to Participate Actively in an International Seminar on Decent Work http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/166-the-iycw-in-rome-to-participate-actively-in-an-international-seminar-on-decent-work.html “Decent Work is Essential to Address Inequalities and Social Injustice”

altAn International Seminar on decent work and post-2015 agenda was held in Rome from 29th to 30th April 2014. The seminar was organized by the International Catholic Church-Inspired Organizations (Catholic group) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (PCLP).


Robert Vins Challappan (ASPAC Team), Arlindo de Oliveira and Ludovicus Mardiyono (International secretariat) represented the IYCW in that seminar.


The seminar concluded with a relevant statement underlining the importance of “decent work for all” as an explicit goal of the post-2015 sustainable development goals.


Mon, 12 May 2014 08:30:27 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/166-the-iycw-in-rome-to-participate-actively-in-an-international-seminar-on-decent-work.html
The YCW Commemorates May Day 2014 Worldwide http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/165-the-ycw-commemorates-may-day-2014-worldwide.html Young Workers Demanding Just Work and Dignified Life!

As is always the case with the Young Christian Workers on the International Labour Day, all members, leaders and supporters ofalt the YCW around the world commemorated May 1st, 2014 with a variety of events.


May 1st is a historic and important moment for the YCW movement around the world to raise demands for the welfare of all young workers and their families, ranging from a living wage, employment, social protection, job security, to freedom of association, gender equality and other fundamental rights.


Click here to see some photos of YCW activities in several countries commemorating the International Labour Day 2014.

Thu, 08 May 2014 09:44:18 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/165-the-ycw-commemorates-may-day-2014-worldwide.html
International Week of Young Workers 2014: “Young Workers in Mandela’s Footsteps” http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/164-international-week-of-young-workers-2014-young-workers-in-mandelas-footsteps.html An Inspiring Legacy in Our Fight for Just Work and a Sustainable Social Protection System


altFrom 24th to 30th April and on 1st May each year, the IYCW engages into activities and actions aimed at celebrating the International Week of Young Workers and May Day. These activities and actions confront the social, political, economical, cultural ills that continue to plague the living and working conditions of millions of young women and men today.


This year, the IYCW marks this extraordinary week in the calendar of the movement by learning the “Pillars of Nelson Mandela’s legacy; Lessons and Inspirations”. Mandela, a selfless freedom fighter of the working class, who stood for justice, human dignity and non-racialism. The IYCW believes that his example will live on and will continue to inspire all young workers, and the world.


Thu, 10 Apr 2014 10:42:33 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/164-international-week-of-young-workers-2014-young-workers-in-mandelas-footsteps.html
Ukraine YCW: Revolution Is Not Over Yet! http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/163-ukraine-ycw-revolution-is-not-over-yet.html Young Workers Demand Better Jobs!

altAfter the overthrow of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the situation in Ukraine has not calmed down. The threat of war comes from Russia which cites as a reason the need to provide protection to Russian citizens who live in Ukraine, particularly in the Crimea.


Responding to the threat of war, leaders of a number of nations and the UN called on Russia to halt its plans to attack Ukraine because it violates the Budapest Memorandum signed in 1994, which guarantees the security of Ukraine against external aggression, although legal interpretation differs on whether the threat has to involve nuclear weapons.


At the grassroots level, the people continue to consolidate their forces and urge the government to take strategic steps for the recovery of the political situation in the country. The current economic and political crisis in Ukraine causes uncertainty in many aspects of young workers’ lives. Life and jobs are becoming more precarious and difficult everyday.


Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:29:09 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/163-ukraine-ycw-revolution-is-not-over-yet.html
Violence in Venezuela: A statement from our national movement http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/162-violence-in-venezuela-a-statement-from-our-national-movement-.html “This is an attempt to undermine democracy in Venezuela”

altVenezuela has been hit by protests and violence over the last weeks. The demonstrations, originally attributed to students protesting against the high rate of inflation and crime, rapidly degenerated into violent acts that the Venezuelan government and its Mercosur partners (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) described as “attempts to destabilize the democratic order.” President Maduro convened a peace conference “for a fruitful dialogue towards peace and tolerance, to isolate violence”, but so far demonstrations by opponents and supporters of the government have continued.


The Venezuela YCW has issued a statement denouncing the role played by the United States, international corporations and major transnational media in supporting the violent opposition and manipulating the information.


Mon, 10 Mar 2014 11:09:15 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/162-violence-in-venezuela-a-statement-from-our-national-movement-.html
International Women’s Day 2014: The IYCW Demands Equal Participation and the Elimination of ... http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/161-international-womens-day-2014-the-iycw-demands-equal-participation-and-the-elimination-of-gender-discrimination.html "A Dignified Life for Women Is Progress For All"

altIt is said that when young women receive equal access to training facilities, education and opportunities, and move on to participate fully in economic decision-making, they are a key driving force against poverty. Young women with equal rights are better educated, healthier, and deliver greater access to land, jobs and financial resources.


Women do not freely advance in all spheres of their lives because of discrimination as well as early school dropout due to teenage pregnancies. Their increased earning power in turn raises household incomes. By enhancing women's control over decision-making in the household, gender equality also translates into better prospects and greater wellbeing of children, reducing poverty of future generations.

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 09:07:05 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/161-international-womens-day-2014-the-iycw-demands-equal-participation-and-the-elimination-of-gender-discrimination.html
JOC Europe Seminar: Just Work Instead of Precarious Work! http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/159-joc-europe-seminar-just-work-instead-of-precarious-work.html Young people in Europe work under increasingly precarious conditions

altYCW leaders from Germany, Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders) and Ukraine met in Königswinter, Germany at the invitation of the European coordination of the YCW (JOCE) from 27th November to 1st December 2013 to discuss the situation of work precariousness in Europe.


This European seminar, which was conducted by JOCE under the theme of “Talkin’ ‘bout my generation,” grappled with the consequences of precarious employment for young people in Europe. The special feature of this seminar was that all participants had been or are now in precarious employment.


Mon, 23 Dec 2013 09:27:00 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/159-joc-europe-seminar-just-work-instead-of-precarious-work.html
Our Tribute to Nelson Mandela, Guest of Honour at the IYCW International Council in South ... http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/158-our-tribute-to-nelson-mandela-guest-of-honour-at-the-iycw-international-council-in-south-africa-1995.html “No matter how unequal the situation, if the people are committed and well organised, then not even the most vicious oppressor can hold them back forever”

altSunday 26th November 1995 was a big day for the South Africa YCW and the 130 delegates of the IYCW International Council. The South African YCW had decided to hold the opening ceremony in the small black township of Oukasie-Brits.


The apartheid regime had wanted to wipe Oukasie, a black shanty town, off the map and send its black population 30 km away from there because they were a black spot at the doorstep of a small white city, Brits. The township became a centre of opposition to the regime. The local YCW set up defence committees and a trade union, and thanks to the international campaign in which the International YCW took a very active part, the government was forced to give up its scheme.


Thu, 12 Dec 2013 08:03:40 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/158-our-tribute-to-nelson-mandela-guest-of-honour-at-the-iycw-international-council-in-south-africa-1995.html
The Elimination of Violence against Women: A Priority for the IYCW http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/157-the-elimination-of-violence-against-women-a-priority-for-the-iycw.html Violence against women is not confined to one country or continent, it crosses borders and oceans


The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, celebrated on 25th November, is an opportunity to look at the statistics released by the international institutions. They are horrifying. According to World Bank data, “women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria.” UN figures show that “around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime” and in armed conflict zones, hundreds of thousands of women have been raped.


Violence against women is not confined to a specific country or continent, it crosses borders and oceans. It is not confined to a specific culture or social class, it affects all cultures and every stratum of society. It is not only physical but also moral. According to the UN, “the roots of violence against women lie in the historic inequality of power in the relations between men and women and in the persistent discrimination against women.” The IYCW is fully aware of this, and gender equality is precisely one of the key pillars of its international campaign for decent work and a dignified life for all young workers.


Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:54:31 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/157-the-elimination-of-violence-against-women-a-priority-for-the-iycw.html
Visiting the Namibia YCW: A Fight for Better Living Conditions http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/156-visiting-the-namibia-ycw-a-fight-for-better-living-conditions.html The Panaf coordinator describes the problems faced by young women


altOn behalf of the African Commission and the IYCW-PANAF coordination, James Denteh visited the Namibia YCW from 15th to 25th October. The main objective of this visit was to support the national movement in the review of the action, coordination and finances and to strengthen the link between their local/national actions and the continental and international campaign on “Just Work and Dignified Life for all Young Workers”.


One of the main problems faced by young women in Namibia is school dropout caused by early pregnancy and childbirth.


They are young women between 15 and 28 years old, living in remote areas, in precarious and poor conditions. As most parents cannot afford education for their children, the only option is to drop out of school and live their own ways.


Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:42:16 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/156-visiting-the-namibia-ycw-a-fight-for-better-living-conditions.html
A Testimony from Quebec: The Impact of YCW in a Member’s Everyday Life http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/154-a-testimony-from-quebec-the-impact-of-ycw-in-a-members-everyday-life.html “Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

By Kevin Côté

altI am 27 and I started participating in the Quebec YCW in the summer of 2012. I work as a computer technician for the Quebec government. The reasons why I decided to work in the public sector are my pride in Quebec and my desire to contribute to the common good. I started in Montreal in 2009, and then I had the chance to become a fulltime employee in the city of Quebec. In 2012 I met Christina who told me about the YCW and I took part in my first activity the next summer: the camping rally. I really appreciated the experience. Nature helps us to relax and creates a beautiful atmosphere of friendship.


Thu, 21 Nov 2013 14:55:29 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/154-a-testimony-from-quebec-the-impact-of-ycw-in-a-members-everyday-life.html
The Central America YCW Is Moving Faster http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/153-the-central-america-ycw-is-moving-faster.html Extending to New Places and New Sectors of Work

altNicaragua - Young Christian Workers from Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Nicaragua are gathering in Granada, Nicaragua from 2-9 November 2013. They are presenting and sharing concrete actions that they carry out in their countries.


These actions are closely linked to the life of young workers. The Guatemala YCW has described the action they are carrying out with young workers in free trade zones and their action with teachers. The YCW in the Dominican Republic is developing actions with young workers in free trade zones and with student workers in the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo). The Nicaragua YCW has presented the action of young workers in Calypso Apparel and its neighbourhood action on environmental issues. The Venezuela YCW has explained how they organise the action with the workers in Graffitti Store and their action with university workers in UNES.


Fri, 08 Nov 2013 13:18:18 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/153-the-central-america-ycw-is-moving-faster.html
ASPAC: Continental Action Meeting 2013 http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/152-aspac-continental-action-meeting-2013.html A Diversity of Movements Sharing the Same Dreams and Aspirations

The theme “Just Work and Dignified Life for All Young Workers” was the common denominator and motivation of the delegates who got together from 21 to 25 October 2013 in CICM Maryhill Compound, Taytay City Rizal, Philippines to discuss the pressing issues the young workers are facing today.




Seven Asia-Pacific national movements together with 1 extension movement participated in the meeting, namely YCW Australia, YCW China, YCW India, YCW Indonesia, YCW Japan, YCW Philippines, YCW Pakistan, and YCW Sri Lanka.


Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:47:13 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/152-aspac-continental-action-meeting-2013.html
The IYCW participates in UNESCO’s 8th Youth Forum http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/151-the-iycw-participates-in-unescos-8th-youth-forum.html Making Young Workers’ Voice Heard about Youth and Social Inclusion

altThe 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, an integral part of UNESCO’s General Conference, will take place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris from 29 to 31 October 2013 under the overall theme “Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development”. Arlindo de Oliveira, the treasurer of the International YCW, will attend the conference.

The theme of the conference was chosen on the basis of a youth online consultation (February 2013) with the contribution of 1,895 young women and men. It will develop around the three objectives of the Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021, namely: i) Policy formulation and review with youth participation; ii)Capacity development for the transition to adulthood; iii) Civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation.


Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:12:31 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/151-the-iycw-participates-in-unescos-8th-youth-forum.html
IYCW Revitalizing the International Cardijn Foundation http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/150-iycw-revitalizing-the-international-cardijn-foundation.html A Foundation to Serve the Present and Future Generations of Young Workers

On Sunday 20th October 2013, the International Secretariat team held a meeting in its office as a step forward in revitalizing the International Cardijn Foundation (ICF). The ICF is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the present and future generations of young workers throughout the world. Officially created in September 1998 on the initiative of the International YCW, the ICF mission is to provide financial support to the projects implemented by young workers in order to improve their living and working conditions.




Throughout his life, Cardijn, who founded the International YCW in 1957, never ceased to disseminate his message that “Each young worker is worth more than all the gold in the world.” Convinced that this message is still true today, the ICF wants to help young people – apprentices or unemployed, domestic workers, workers in the informal economy, casual workers, those exploited in export-processing zones, those excluded from society – to carry out projects which will allow them to live with dignity.


Tue, 22 Oct 2013 10:21:06 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/150-iycw-revitalizing-the-international-cardijn-foundation.html
Asia-Pacific Students and Workers Asking for Justice and Peace Now! http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/147-asia-pacific-students-and-workers-asking-for-justice-and-peace-now.html “Let justice roll down like a river, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”

Amos 5:24


altThus begins the statement of the Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Network (EASY Net) which held its 5th Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Gathering (ASYG) from August 30 to September 5, 2013 in the Philippines.


Delegates, coming from the many different contexts and cultures that make up the richness of the Asia-Pacific region, prayed together and shared their peoples’ struggles, hopes, and dreams. The time they spent together enabled them to better discern their “Christian calling to stand in solidarity with those who are struggling for life and dignity.”


Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:06:44 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/147-asia-pacific-students-and-workers-asking-for-justice-and-peace-now.html
JOC Europe: A Seminar on the Youth Employment Crisis http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/146-joc-europe-a-seminar-on-the-youth-employment-crisis.html ‘Young People are More Than Just Actors, They are Human Beings’

Sarah Prenger

altThe Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) and Konrad International organized a seminar on the youth employment crisis on 4th September. Sarah Prenger, the European YCW coordinator, was one of the panellists presenting the situation of young people in Europe in the first session of the seminar. Ludovicus Mardiyono and Arlindo de Oliveira, president and treasurer of the International YCW respectively, attended the conference.


In her speech, Sarah Prenger highlighted the general situation of young people today. “We experience stress and pressure in our different life spheres: at school, at work and at university. This stress has an impact on our mental and physiological well-being,” she said. She added that being unemployed leads to hopelessness and frustration and has an impact on self-confidence.


Mon, 16 Sep 2013 12:08:35 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/146-joc-europe-a-seminar-on-the-youth-employment-crisis.html
The IYCW present in the WYD through its movements http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/145-the-iycw-present-in-the-wyd-through-its-movements.html “The WYD is a space to reflect upon the young workers’ reality”

Guilherme Junior – Brazil YCW

altFaith and participation to change reality. It is with that principle in mind that the YCW took part in the World Youth Day (WYD) held in Rio de Janeiro from 22 to 28 July 2013. The WYD is celebrated annually at the diocesan level on Palm Sunday in Rome and at a week-long event internationally every two to three years. The first WYD was held in Rome in 1986. The theme of WYD Rio 2013 was: "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28: 19).


The YCW was in Rio from 24 to 26 July. Before that, the Brazil YCW hosted Bridget Flood and Eliza Cruze, two young activists from YCW Australia, who took part in an exchange in several cities where the movement is present. For those activists, the visits were also opportunities to try identifying the expectations of the pilgrims regarding the WYD and the new pope.


Thu, 12 Sep 2013 13:18:49 GMT http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/145-the-iycw-present-in-the-wyd-through-its-movements.html
A Solidarity Practice by the Haiti YCW http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/144-a-solidarity-practice-by-the-haiti-ycw.html The Salt Pond in Jean Rabel, an Experience of Collective Action

altTo be able to talk about the salt pond in Jean Rabel, we first wanted to get a deeper understanding of the activity, which implied contacting people with experience in the field. When we visited the salt pond in Jean Rabel, we could meet the team of former members who started the action in 1984-85 and they shared their experience in this collective action with us.


Fleurime Palvery (alias ti Pal), a main actor who discovered the salt pond, told us the story. “Some people informed me that granules that looked like salt had been seen there. Since I am a technician in salt production, I went over there, then I started digging a hole from which water came up. A few days later, I went back to the place and I saw the salt.”


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An Interview with Brenda, a Guatemalan YCW Activist Who Went to the ILO http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/143-an-interview-with-brenda-a-guatemalan-ycw-activist-who-went-to-the-ilo.html ‘We are all workers, we all have the right to organize into a union’



What is your role in your national movement?


I am an activist in the Guatemala YCW coordination team. We are a small team of activists coordinating the activities of the groups.


What are the main activities of the Guatemala YCW presently?


Our priorities are the personal actions carried out at our workplaces. In addition, we are working at extending the movement. We are now in an investigation and initiation process in another two cities and we are following up new base groups which have been set up in the metropolitan area of Guatemala City (the capital).


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Temporary Work in Germany: A Testimony from Anne, 24 years old http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/136-temporary-work-in-germany-a-testimony-from-anne-24-years-old.html “I Have No Direct Contract and My Life is Insecure!”

altAfter finishing high school, I studied Business Administration and finished with a Bachelor’s degree. I searched for a job for about half a year and every time my applications were rejected, the reason was: "You have no working experience" or "We are primarily looking for people with more work experience" ... Even in positions that were advertised for new entrants they kept saying, " We have found someone with more experience ".

Long story short, I got a job from a temporary work agency. I am working in the purchasing department of a big company which isn’t far away from home. But this job doesn’t require academic studies. My salary corresponds approximately to that of the people directly hired by the company for the same position, but those people are working together with a Buyer while I am working alone.


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The Long Hard Day of a Young Woman Worker http://www.joci.org/en/publications/life-stories/129-the-long-hard-day-of-a-young-woman-worker.html A Life Story from Guatemala

The young woman worker leaves home at four o’clock in the morning every day. She has to cross the whole city to get to work.alt She travels around two hours by bus, and then she has to walk almost half an hour to reach the community where she teaches children of low-income families. The neighborhood where she works is poor, marginalized, and the rates of violence are high.


Women have been raped on the stretch of road she has to walk through, and the buses she uses to get to and leave that place are those which, according national statistics, register the most armed attacks and assaults, as well as the most accidents caused by the drivers themselves.


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Young Workers Demand a Decent Living Income http://www.joci.org/en/publications/press-releases/126-young-workers-demand-a-decent-living-income.html A Message from Asia/Pacific

alt“In the world today, there is a wide gap between the decent life everyone is supposed to be entitled to and the difficulty we have to meet our most basic needs,” said the YCW Asia Pacific (ASPAC) team in a statement it has recently published.


The ASPAC YCW mentions appalling statistics from international institutions. For instance, according to the World Bank, around 50% of the world population lives with less than US$2.50 a day while in Asia alone, even in the least industrialized countries, you need at least USD15 to 20 per day to meet basic needs. Around the world, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. The ILO reported that about 5.1 billion people (75% of the world population) are not covered by adequate social security, while according to UN-Habitat, 2.6 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation and 884 million people lack access to adequate sources of drinking water.


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The Bicycle Rally of the India YCW http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/125-the-bicycle-rally-of-the-india-ycw.html Promoting the Rights of Informal Workers and Unemployed Youth

The India YCW has been carrying out a campaign for an increase in the minimum wage of informal workers and for the right toalt employment for the unemployed. In order to raise awareness among the civil society on those issues and bring those demands to the attention of the local government, the India YCW organised a bicycle rally covering four rural areas (Pallappatti, Ethiload, Silukuvarpatti and Nilakottai) around Dindigul in the district of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on 16th February.


32 members of the YCW took part in the bicycle rally, holding placards with their demands and explaining the objectives of the rally and their demands to the public through distributing handbills and holding street corner meetings.


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The Liege YCW Against Police Violence http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/124-the-liege-ycw-against-police-violence.html A Campaign by the Walloon YCW to "Stop Repression"


altThe Liege (Walloon) YCW is holding an annual event called "Stop Repression" to promote peace and demand social change in Belgium on 22-23 February 2013.


"Repression has been ubiquitous in our lives, our organization, and our society for quite a few years. In short, it has become part of young people’s reality everywhere," said Slim Essaker, a YCW activist in Liege.


Slim explained that there are actually various forms of repression such as abusive stop and check in neighborhoods, administrative arrest for anyone who might disturb public order, municipal administrative sanctions, installation of surveillance cameras everywhere, expulsion of undocumented migrants, etc.


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Cooperation between IYCW & WSM http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/123-cooperation-between-iycw-a-wsm-.html Advancing Political Action


Last Friday 15th February, the International Secretariat (IS) team members met with representatives of Woaltrld Solidarity Movement (WSM) as part of the process of integration of the new IS members. The meeting took place at the IYCW office in Schaerbeek, Belgium.


The WSM representatives were Bart, Ben and Jeroen. Bart and Ben are responsible for WSM’s international action department while Jeroen is a north-south cooperation program coordinator. All the IS outgoing and new team members were present at the meeting.


There were two strategic items on the agenda of the meeting: international political action and the cooperation program between WSM and the IYCW.


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Meeting of JOC Europe http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/121-meeting-of-joc-europe.html The European YCW Develops a Continental Vision


From February 11th to 13th, the YCW national movements in Europe are meeting in altBrussels to plan collective work at the European level. Leaders of YCW Flanders, Wallonia and Germany are attending the meeting.


The aim of the meeting, coordinated by Sarah Prenger, the European Team member, is to develop a concrete plan towards a seminar and exchange at the European level on precarious work.


Precarious work is a thorny issue in Europe, especially for youth. They are forced to work in poor conditions due to a lack of job opportunities.

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News from Egypt http://www.joci.org/en/actions/activites/120-news-from-egypt.html The Egypt YCW Fights Sexual Harassment


The IYCW international team waltas pleased to welcome Sabah Eskandar, a former member of Egypt YCW, who visited the international secretariat in Brussels on Saturday February 9th.


In her visit, Sabah was accompanied by Milad Mikhael, a former international team member for the Africa region (1998-2002) and by George, an Egyptian activist.


The meeting, which lasted about 2 hours, provided the opportunity to discuss the current situation in Egypt and YCW in this post-revolution period. Sabah explained that conditions in Egypt now are not really stable in all spheres of life. The change in the country’s government did not significantly improve the social and political situation. The prices of goods are higher and people are increasingly suffering.

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Stop the Train of Temporary Work Abuses http://www.joci.org/en/actions/action-campaigns/100-stop-the-train-of-temporary-work-abuses.html A Temporary Work Action in Flanders, Belgium


“Terminus Interim. Stop the train of interim-abuses." This was the title of the publicalt activity organized by KAJ (Flanders YCW) in Ostende with the presence of leaders from different regions. The aim of the event was to denounce the reality and violence suffered by young people who are seeking for jobs in temporary work agencies and see their dreams and expectations vanish into thin air.


Most of those young people have just graduated from secondary school or university, they are drop-outs, or have low skills, and they turn to temporary work agencies to help them find a job. In many cases, they face difficulties when they have to deal with the agencies, and KAJ wants to draw the attention of the society, the political authorities, the trade unions and the temporary work agencies themselves. They have reached the local and national press to explain their objectives and present the reality of young workers. KAJ carried out a survey, asking several young people about their reality, and it started to organize actions, including the June 2 event.


The IYCW International Secretariat participated in the action in Ostende. Arlindo de Oliveira (the international treasurer) was there and collected some testimonies from young people explaining their main problems.


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Every Challenge Provides an Opportunity http://www.joci.org/en/our-analysis/ycw-a-spirituality/78-every-challenge-provides-an-opportunit.html You may know the story of a king of ancient times. He wanted to know how his people would react when faced with a challenge or obstacle. Therefore, the king placed a huge rock (boulder) on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock. Some of the king's wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything about getting the stone out of the way.

Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. After the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying on the road where the huge rock had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway.

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