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Launching of the XIV International Council of IYCW PDF Print E-mail

It is with a great pleasure and motivation that we hereby launch our XIV International council that will take place from 25th September to 9th October 2016 in Aachen, Germany. The theme of the international council is Just Work – A Fundamental Option for Dignity for All and the slogan would be Let’s Struggle for Young Workers’ Dignity.

The International Council of the IYCW is the supreme governing body of the movement and enjoys full sovereignty and powers. It is the body wherein the situation of working-class youth is shared, co-ordinated, clarified and solved.


As a supreme governing body, the International Council shall accomplish its task of implementing the See, Judge and Act method to evaluate the actions that are carried out by, with and among the young workers at all levels of the movement according to the guidelines provided by the International Plan of Action.


A clear, strong and comprehensive analysis in all aspects of life – social, political, economic, cultural and ideological - is required in order to construct a new proposal of action to fulfil the mission of the movement of creating a new society for all human beings, in particular young workers, women and men.


To enable us to construct a new proposal for human development, it is necessary to criticise the current logic of life and show concrete evidence that modernity as a result of the capitalist logic is unable to create life harmony for all. We should emphasize that destruction of human beings, nature and culture is the reflection of the failure and incapacity of our current society which promotes the domination of a minority over the majority.


Concrete, Collective and Conscious Action


The YCW is a movement of education through concrete, collective and conscious action, that encourages each young worker to take part actively in changing the working and living conditions by promoting a new society, a new system of life for all.


Therefore, for the International Council to be successful, each national movement of the YCW must contribute with concrete, collective and conscious action with, by and among young workers. Action is a basic condition for change; in other words, the current system will not change by itself naturally. A class struggle is necessary, which demands militancy from all YCWs around the world.


We hereby launch the XIV International Council of IYCW and encourage all militants and YCW supporters everywhere to participate towards its success.


On behalf of International Team of IYCW


In solidarity,


Ludovicus Mardiyono

International President

Anna from Ukraine, YCW delegate to the International Labour Conference 2015 PDF Print E-mail

“Personal Thoughts on My Participation”

altAnna, a YCW extension worker from Ukraine, was part of the IYCW delegation to the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva this June. She has shared her thoughts on her participation in this major international event.



I had mixed feelings during the conference. Seeing all those situations of working people around the world was impressive for me... I got a week of preparation beforehand, but a personal experience is necessary to understand what the ILO Conference is about and how it works. Complicated.


The YCW at the International Labour Conference 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Proposing an ILO Declaration on Universal Labour Protection

altGeneva, June 2015 – A delegation of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), which consisted of representatives from Africa, Europe, the Americas and the International Secretariat, participated in the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva from 1-13 June, 2015.


This year, the ILC has discussed three main topics, namely the transition from the informal to the formal economy, SMEs and decent and sustainable employment, and the labour protection policy, which includes wages, maternity policy, working hours and occupational health and safety.


40 Years After the Linz Council PDF Print E-mail

By Andy N. Predicala

alt1975 marked a significant milestone in the history of the world, but also in the history of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW). 40 years later, leaders and members of YCW Austria during the 1970s and 1980s gathered together to look back at the past, analyze the present and take action for the future, not for themselves but for the generation of today’s young workers.


More than 50 former YCWers from different parts of Austria attended the gathering in Linz last April 25, 2015. A reception had been organized to recall memories of the past, share the experiences they had in the YCW and explain where they are now. It was followed by an input by Gerard Steger, the resource speaker coming from Austria’s Federation of Trade Unions.


International Labour Conference 2015: Young Workers Demanding Decent Work PDF Print E-mail

The IYCW and WSM Together at the ILO

alt“We need to walk nearly 10 kilometres to reach the pond where we extract the salt, and we earn 60 gourdes ($1.5) per week. With that money, we can contribute a little to the family expenses and we have little money left. We are saving money to buy mules to carry the salt bags over those 10 kilometres, but we earn very little. There aren’t many job opportunities in the formal economy in Haiti, we have to work hard and make use of the low income we can get with our base group.” A YCW activist, Jean Rabel, Haiti


Young workers’ problems have an international dimension as there are a reality everywhere in neighbourhoods, communities, factories, streets, and all places where young workers are. Addressing those situations is a real challenge for our movement.


Remembering Romeo Maione PDF Print E-mail

The First Elected President of the International YCW has Died


altRomeo Maione, first elected president of the International YCW, has died after a long illness on 12 May 2015 at the age of 90.


As a Montreal industrial worker, Romeo first joined a YCW group organised by Fr Wilfred Dore CSB. This decision transformed his life.


Rapidly he became a national leader and national president of the Canadian YCW.


Given his ability and his command of the Italian language, the IYCW recruited him in 1956 to organise the International Pilgrimage to Rome which drew 32,000 young workers from every inhabited continent, an extraordinary achievement in those days before jet travel.

For a Transformative Action by Young Workers in the Americas PDF Print E-mail

A Message from YCW Peru

altLima hosted the Continental Team Meeting (CTM) of the Americas YCW from 9 to 22 April of this year. The program began with a visit to the Communities of Chiclayo, Ishichihui and Lima, where participants shared the reality of young workers and the actions carried out to transform the situations of oppression and exclusion into situations of justice and decent life.


During the meeting, the continental team could count on the presence of the International YCW President, Mardiyono Ludovicus, who helped with the political preparation of the continental meeting due to take place next September.



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